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Rent a bike (new lock)

Geneva, Bienne, Chaux-de-Fonds, Thun, Locarno and Riviera


velospot is a bike sharing system. As a user, you receive a smart card with which you can borrow a bike for a loan station and return it to any other.

velospot is available seven days a week, 24 hours 24. The bikes are designed for short trips in town.


Rent a bike

Bikes can be borrowed only in velospot station. To borrow a bike, first press the white button on the control module on the rear wheel of the bicycle (A).

A. Activation

As soon as the blue light flashes, keep your user card in front of the card reader (B), whereupon the lock opens automatically.
Enjoy your ride!

If the red light flashes, the bike is not available.

B. Card reading

Cancel a bike rental

To cancel a rental, you must return the bike to a "velospot" and the padlock on site.

To padlock the bike, turn back the control module using the white button. As soon as the white light with a padlock symbol flashes, it can be locked (C).

C. The bike can be lock

To close the lock, push the lock on the left down until it snaps (D).

D. Close the padlock

Warning: Your rental is completed when the blue or green light comes on (E). Otherwise, open the lock again using your card and repeat the closing process.

E. Cancelling confirmed

During the journey

You can lock the bike at all times outside a velospot during a rental. Close the lock as if you cancel the rental to a velospot. Other users will not be able to access your bike locked in the road.

Warning: if you securely lock your bike off a velospot, the term of your rental continues.


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