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Project & Organization

velospot is a project developed and implemented by the city of Biel, in collaboration with partners. velospot is an automatic bicycle sharing system specifically adapted to the Swiss context. With velospot, the cities partners of this system (see the "Locations" section of the website) wish to make a major step forward as regards the promotion of cycling.

To ensure the development of the system at national or international level, the City of Biel sold the brand to the company velospot Intermobility SA. Since November 2013, Intermobility SA ensures the distribution of the system, its role consist to propose this bicycle system self-service to other cities (v. The "For Public") and seek partners nationally ( see the "For sponsors").

The cities partners of the velospot System met in an association to ensure the coordination between the "velospot" networks and their own products. Its members are local authorities responsible for the "velospot" network: public organizations, umbrella associations, social or private networks.


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