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FAQ's / Terms and Conditions

The users of velospot are required to read carefully and to approve the General Terms and Conditions before using the bicycle system self-service. These provisions detail how velospot works and what to consider when using the system. Below you will find answers to frequently asked important questions


General Terms and Conditions

Rent a bike

Who can use velospot?

Velospot is accessible to anyone. The only requirement is the minimum age of 16 or 18 years depending of the networks. Please refer to the general conditions of use of the network for which you wish to subscribe.

How long can I borrow a bike for free?

For subscribers, the time given to each new location differs according to the network concerned. Once triggered, a loan fee of CHF 2.- per hour is charged. For non-subscribers, day passes (and half a day in some systems) are available. In all cases, the maximum rental period is 24 hours. The price of subscription or packages and the terms offered to each new hire are mentioned on the "subscription and fares" website section of the concerned network.

How to rent a bike?

Bikes can be borrowed at the appropriate station. Press the red button on the control module and hold your membership card velospot in front of the card reader to unlock the padlock.

How to end a rent?

You can complete your rent by locking the bike to an appropriate station. To do this, press the red button on the control module, hold your card velospot in front of the card reader and close the lock manually as soon as the white light below the card reader lights. Your rent is completed when the green LED on the control unit lights up.

Can I lock down the bike on the road, then use it again?

You can lock down the bike at any time by activating the control module, presenting your card to the card reader, and closing the lock manually. When you securely lock the bike out of an appropriate station, no other user can use it.

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Velospot card

Can share my velospot card with friends?

The velospot card is not transferable and must not be divulged to any third party.

My velospot card is lost or broken. What should I do?

You can cancel your card via your user account "my velospot" and order a new card for CHF 10.-. You can also request a new card from one of our point of sale.

Can I rent many bikes at once with my velospot card?

According to the network, it is possible to rent many bikes with a single card. If this is the case, the information is specifically mentioned on the "Subscriptions and fares" website section of the network concerned. Basically, a card can open only one bike at a time.

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Technical issues

The lock of bike is blocked, I can unlock it. What should I do?

It is possible, that the lock is blocked by a beam or something else. Please, in this case try again to access the same bike. It is important to make a second attempt on the same bike, before opening another one. There is chances that a new session has already been open at the first attempt.

I can't lock the bike at the station due to a technical issue. What should do?

Contact our customer service (032 326 16 20) as fast as possible time. If you can not contact us, keep the bike in a safe place until you can announce the problem.

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Damages and accidents

I damaged or lost the bike. What should I do?

Contact the customer service (032 326 16 20) as fast as possible. It will tell you what to do.

I had an accident with the velospot bike. What should I do?

In case of damages, complete a European Accident Report. In case of injury, call the police. Any damage or accident involving a velospot bike must be announce as soon as possible to velospot.

Am I covered against damage to third parties when using a velospot bike?

No. Insurance is up to the user.

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