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velospot is ecologic project, social and innovative.

It contributes significantly to the development of  a mobility respectful of the environment and adapted to the city. Velospot encourages the use of public transport and cycling, by this way to improve the quality of life and living in the city.
velospot is a social project. We work with unemployed persons to maintain and to manage the bike park. This occupation promoting their social inclusion.

velospot is a new innovative mobility offer. The bikes are practical, comfortable and trendy. Users of bike sharing system attach importance to flexibility and independence.

As an advertising partner, you position yourself as a modern company, assuming its responsibility towards the environment and society.

The velospot bikes are an ideal advertising media. You are immediately recognized by your own logo, bicycles carrying the advertising spaces throughout the city. Your image is present throughout the public domain.

The bikes offer advertising spaces on both panels protecting the bike chain and on the luggage box. Below the partnership arrangements of velospot with some networks:

La Chaux-de-Fonds (In german)



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