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Biel needs have directly inspired the development of the velospot system. The result is a bike sharing system (VLS) or tailored bike sharing system, according to the framework conditions for the Swiss cities: the tightness of the public domain, the high aesthetic requirements for street furniture, and a well-developed public parking spaces for motorbikes.

Compared to other VLS systems velospot has various advantages:

  • Bike' stations uses modestly the public domain space, both visually and physically. So that, the public domain is not altered by the new  compact urban furniture.
  • bike' stations can be set up or moved in a very short time;
  • one can unlock a bike using a RFID card. A central server automatically and continuously monitors the system;
  • infrastructure costs are very low;
  • given the very low costs and simple infrastructure, it is possible to produce a dense network of stations of bike. It's the basic prerequisite for a wide use of the bike offer.


velospot is developed in a way that it can be replicated in other cities and villages as reliable turnkey system. Contact us to visit and to test the system. We gladly welcome you in Biel.

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