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The bikes

The velospot bikes deliver superior ride comfort; they require little maintenance and are extremely robust. Proporties and components of bikes :

A. The bike of velospot

  • 8 speed hub
  • Brakes "Roller Brake"
  • Position lights and reflectors on the pedals, the frame and rack
  • Trash rack under the handlebars
  • Adjustable seat



B. Adjust the seat postion

Before leaving, you must ensure that the bike is able to circulate. Check especially if the brakes, bell and lights work flawlessly.

By releasing the quick release under the seat, you can adjust the position of it according to your size (B).



The bell is to the left handlebar grip. You operate by a rotational movement.


A maintenance team regularly monitors and maintains the bikes, so you can find them at any time clean and roadworthy. If you find fault with a bike, we would appreciate velospot contact as soon as possible.


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